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At some point, you have probably fantasized about shoving your cock inside of your gorgeous stepsister or your stepmother, and this is why websites like FamilyStrokes exist, just so that they could bring this fantasy much closer to you. All kinds of things can be seen on the page, but for real. These girls fuck like crazy, so it is indeed worth checking them out.
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First off, I would be a massive liar if I told you that these gals are not that attractive, I mean, they are everything but repulsive, and the dudes who end up banging them in these videos have the proper reactions to them. If these stepsisters approach them, it doesn't take too long for them to get hard and to whip their dicks out once these gals say that they want their pulsing cocks inside of their tight wet clams.


It shouldn't be that surprising that people get off to taboo sex quite a bit even today, seeing as it is indeed normal for humans to be curious about things that are perceived as things that are forbidden and immoral. That's why we got kicked out of the garden of Eden! Or...we can blame that on women, are men really like that? Well, men make up the majority of viewers on porn movies such as these, so you do the math. If we're talking about the stories that can be seen in these movies, you should not expect anything too complex, seeing as these gals really aren't there to show you a long, inspiring story, but rather, they are there to get fucked hard by these hung studs. These girls really do have top notch bodies, though, bodies that should be used over and over again for all kinds of sex, and it is indeed great these bods are put to great use by these dudes, as it would be quite a shame otherwise.

There are 164 movies on the website right now and most of them last around 30 minutes, so you will be entertained for hours, that's for sure. These girls sure can take some impressive poundings, huh? I mean, taking huge dicks like the ones you see on this website, that's amazing. The video can be downloaded in a .mp4 format, 1080i. However, if you do not want to wait that long before you get to watch your video, then it's best for you to download the movie in one of the three smaller formats. So, download the movies as WMV files if you can't wait, or if you have a shitty internet connection.

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Navigating a website such as this one is quite easy, seeing that the page is indeed well designed. First off, let us mention that the main index page consists of 20 movie thumbnails that have been oh so neatly arranged for you. If you click on one of them, the website will play a video for you. Every single one of these scenes also has a well-written description that you should check out if you want to know what the hell is going on in the movie.

However, if the description does not do it for you, then it is best that you check out the five-minute trailer that contains the five most steamy minutes from the video itself. If you do not like this trailer, then you are certainly in the wrong place, and you should move on and check some other video out.


FamilyStrokes is a standalone website, so you do not really get any bonuses if you sign up for the website, but the content of the page is great on its own either way.


In the end, even though you do not get any extra websites after signing up for Family Strokes, you will still have a great collection of sinful porno movies, so you win in the end either way.